This is one of our favorite questions! There's a reason that All in the Family Painting stands out against our competition. We always strive to go above and beyond for our customers, treating everyone like family! We walk you through the process, educate you on all materials we use, we never cut corners, and protect all of your belongings by ensuring a safe, clean work environment.

This is another great question! Not only is it great to have your home or business looking great at a cosmetic standpoint, but it is also important for the longevity of your building. Painting protects the interior or exterior of your building from weather and everyday elements while also enhancing the look and mood. You would be surprised by how much your home or business will transform with a professional paint job!

Interior Projects

We ask to please have all pictures, mirrors, curtains, and any other decor removed from the walls before our arrival. Please also have any furniture pushed to the center of the room away from walls. *Items can be moved upon request.*

Exterior Projects

We ask to please have any furniture moved at least 10 ft from the work area, shrubbery, vines, and/or branches trimmed away from the home, and window screens removed from windows.

Absolutely Not! We understand our clients are very busy people and work must be completed around your schedule. As long as we have access to the home via key, lock box, or access code then we can get work done while you're out. All in the Family Painting only hires top of the line painters that are trustworthy and reliable, we are also licensed and insured so you never have to worry about anything!

We use a mixture of Sherwin Williams and Ben Moore Products depending on the scope of the project. However, we can match colors used by any other brand! We can only offer a warranty on our services if we use our preferred paint. We have a lot of experience with these products and know that they are the best products for the price and durability. You are welcomed to pick up our recommended paints but we receive greater deals than home owners and pass on the savings to our customers!

All paints, varnishes, and solvents contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs. Exposure to VOCs can trigger asthma attacks, respiratory problems, eye irritation, nausea, or dizziness. Due to these health concerns many paint manufacturers have introduced Low or No VOC paint alternatives. These are the paints that All in the Family Painting always reaches for to ensure the safety of our workers and customers!

Safety for our customers and their property is our number 1 priority. 


We will begin by covering any furniture and/or appliances in the room, wiping down ceilings, walls, and trim to rid of any dirt, dust, hair, or spider webs, remove any face plates from electrical sockets and/or light switches, and cover floors. 


We will begin by power washing areas that will be painted to rid of any dirt to ensure proper adhesion of paint. We will then fill any holes or gaps in wood work or around any door or window frames as needed. Any plants or trees will be safely covered (but still allowing air for them to breathe) Ground will be covered to protect any grass, concrete, brick or other elements. 

Flat - Flat finishes have a soft, even appearance. They mark easily, so you'll want to use them in rooms that don't get a lot of traffic but flat paint is the only paint you can touch up a small portion of the wall without being able to see that you touched up. (other finishes require you to repaint the entire wall in order not to see the flashing of where you touched up.)

Eggshell - Eggshell and satin finishes have a low luster and are washable, making them a great choice for rooms that get more use.

Semi-Gloss - Semi-gloss finishes are the most durable and are perfect for rooms that take a lot of abuse such as bathrooms or kitchens.

Gloss - Glossy finishes are shiny and are typically used on trim work.

This depends on many factors such as weather conditions, color choice, and paint choice (latex, acrylic, oil). In most cases paint fully cures in 30 - 60 days. We recommend allowing at least 21 days before attempting to clean or wipe walls. The paint can be sensitive to water or chemicals during the curing time.

Paint choices are left to the customer since there are so many colors to choose from and color choices vary depending on customers needs. We will provide you with a color chart which you can place against accessories you may already have for the room.

Neutral colors are always safe and classic choices for any room. Popular neutral colors include:

  • Ivory
  • Taupe
  • Black
  • Gray
  • White

Neutral colors are clean backdrops for rooms because they work with other bright colors in bedding, curtains, carpeting, and artwork. Neutral walls allow you to let loose by using accenting vivid colors and patterns to transform the space.

Pastel colors are soft, relaxing, and result in serene surroundings. The best pastel colors for rooms include:

  • Soft blues
  • Lavenders
  • Greens
  • Yellows
  • Pinks

A room with a pastel wall color can look elegant. Find the sophisticated side of pastels by mixing and matching a few washed-out colors that you'd find in a favorite quilt, add light gray curtain and accessories into the mix, become inspired by watery coastal hues, or anchor a room with light and pretty walls with darker furnishings.

Expressive Colors

If bold and bright colors make you happy, why not paint your room to bring a smile to your face? If you're an energetic person who loves to be surrounded by saturated colors, embrace the look. For example, if you love bright, fresh interiors, try deep spring green walls. Experiment with lively combinations, such as coral and dark green or red and taupe.

There are a couple of guidelines to remember when choosing dark paint colors for rooms, such as black or navy blue, especially if the space is small.

  • Avoid feeling boxed in. You don't need to paint every wall the same color.
  • Accent with color. Choose an accent wall to paint and leave the other walls a lighter color.
  • Emphasize length with color. If you have a deep, narrow room, paint one of the longer walls to highlight the length of the room.

Keep in mind that light colors make a space look larger and darker colors make a bedroom appear smaller. If there's a lot of natural light streaming into the bedroom, the room can also appear larger.

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